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awl n : a pointed tool for marking surfaces or for punching small holes

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Old English æl, from Germanic *ælo. Cognate with German Ahle.




  1. A pointed instrument for piercing small holes, as in leather or wood; used by shoemakers, saddlers, cabinetmakers, etc. The blade is differently shaped and pointed for different uses, as in the brad awl, saddler's awl, shoemaker's awl, etc.


a pointed instrument

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Awl is a long pointed spike. It may be a:
  • Scratch awl, a tool with a long pointed spike used for marking wood.
  • Stitching awl, a tool used by leatherworkers, such as cobblers (shoemakers), to pierce holes in leather.
  • Bradawl, a tool for making holes in wood.
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